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Q.        What is Oakmont 2030?

A.        Oakmont 2030 is a community-driven conversation about Oakmont’s future that will create a vision for a thriving, livable and sustainable place for current and future generations. 

Q.        When is the Oakmont 2030 Kick-Off?

A.        The kick-off Town Hall Forum will be on Wednesday, June 29th from 1:00 – 3:00 at the Berger Center. Details of the initiative will be discussed and sign-up sheets for meetings will be available.

Q.        How Do Community Conversations Happen?

A.        A series of meetings will be held in July and August on two different topics.

The July meetings will look at Oakmont Today and will focus on building a common understanding of the constraints and opportunities facing our community. It will look at the findings of the Central Complex Committee Fact Finding Report available at Residents are strongly encouraged to read over this report prior to attending Oakmont Today meetings.  

In August, the meetings will look at Oakmont Tomorrow. Members will be asked for this input on community priorities for now and for future generations. The responses will be the basis for an overarching vision of Oakmont that community planners will use to develop a roadmap going forward. 

Oakmont residents are asked to attend one of each kind of meeting, and RSVP’s are required. Residents who attend an Oakmont Today meeting will have priority in getting seating at an Oakmont Tomorrow meeting.

Q.        What are the Dates of the Meetings?

A.        Currently there are 4 meetings scheduled in July for the Oakmont Today conversations and 4 meetings scheduled in August for the Oakmont Tomorrow conversations. Please pick one date for each meeting topics. All meetings will be held in the Berger Center. It is possible that this schedule will change based on community participation. RSVPs are required and meeting registration is open now at

Oakmont Today Meetings

July 1501:30 – 03:30
July 1610:30 – 12:30
July 2001:30 – 03:30 VIA ZOOM
July 2101:30 – 03:30

Oakmont Tomorrow Meetings

August 201:30 – 03:30
August 301:30 – 03:30
August 501:30 – 03:30 VIA ZOOM
August 610:30 – 12:30

Q.        Why Do We Have to RSVP to Attend a Meeting?

A.        To make sure that the Berger Center does not get so loud that people can’t hear each other talk, there will be a maximum of 12 tables of 8 at each meeting.

Q.        How Do I Sign Up for a Meeting?

A.        You can sign up for a meeting at, call the OVA office at 707-539-1611 or sign up in person at the OVA office during business hours. 

Q.        How Will the Meetings Be Run?

A.        Meetings will be led by professional facilitators using a Community Conversations model that puts participants into small, facilitated tables to discuss specific questions that can lead to new insights and consensus around priorities. Individuals at each table share their views, which are then recorded and combined with other groups.  Themes are distilled out for presentation back to the full group for reflection and potential prioritization. This discussion format allows for every participant to feel heard and to see their ideas combined with those of other community members.

Q.        Why Was This Model Chosen?

A.        Many kinds of groups with diverse views have used the Community Conversations model to success. It is an electronic version of the meetings held years ago using flip charts and sticky notes that allowed for greater participation by the attendees. Examples include: congregations trying to discern how much to focus inward vs on outward mission; cities and towns working to discern priorities that inform a long-term plan; convenings of citizens after the World Trade Center attack to determine what should be on the site after the tragedy. 

Q.        What Other Communities Have Done This Kind of Program?

A.        Community Conversations is a model that supports going beyond individual opinion sharing.  We know that the community will need to go beyond airing of individual opinions to innovating together through dialogue.  This can create new possibilities and sustainable decisions.  

The model is similar to the one used by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Communities by Design. Healdsburg worked with the AIA about 20 years ago to redesign their downtown. In Santa Rosa, they helped to develop the Southeast Greenway – Other communities can be found on the Communities by Design YouTube channel and on the Oakmont 2030 website at

Q.        Who will be the Meeting Facilitators and Planners?

A.        Sarah Lightfoot is the meeting facilitator.  With a Masters degree in Organization Development from Sonoma State and nearly a decade of experience facilitating and designing high-stakes meetings, Sarah is an expert in supporting groups to connect to do smart thinking and make sustainable decisions in the face of complexity.   

Todd Erickson is the Technical Director for these meetings.  He has been designing large-scale meetings using cutting edge technology for 20 years. 

Q.        What is the Background of Oakmont 2030?

A.        In 2020, the OVA Board held a Central Complex Framing Workshop and formed the Central Complex Committee to develop “different but doable scenarios for the Central Complex.” Please refer to the Central Complex Committee Fact Finding Report at

Q.        What Are the Goals of Oakmont 2030?

A.        The goals of Oakmont 2030 are to:

  • Drive the conversation with the community about what Oakmont wants to become.
  • Promote active lifestyle opportunities for current and future Oakmont residents.
  • Further livability, accessibility, and safety of the property.
  • Foster financially viable initiatives.
  • Enhance the value of Oakmont.
  • Implement sustainability practices for water, energy, land and wildlife urban interface.
  • Partner with city, business, and other stakeholders.
  • Align with the City of Santa Rosa’s General Plan Update.
  • Include flexibility for future leaders and residents to refine plans as needs change.

Q.        How Does the Oakmont 2030 Fit into the OVA Board Oversight Process?

A.        The Oakmont BOD Project Oversight Process has five phases. Phase One for Oakmont 2030 was a Central Area Project Framing Workshop in February 2020. Oakmont 2030 is now a Phase 2 initiative with a roadmap showing the steps for developing “different but doable alternatives” for Oakmont’s future.

Q.        What Sets Oakmont 2030 Apart?

A.        Oakmont 2030 is unique because:          

  • It is the first time that Oakmont will be using community-wide conversations.
  • It is a holistic initiative that would conceptualize Oakmont as a ‘village’ – a central magnet that includes everything from green space, walking trails, benches and places for people to gather and socialize.
  • Community Conversations will help Oakmont members discover what the current situation is and what the future will look like.

Q.        Who are the Other Stakeholders That Will be Involved in Oakmont 2030?

A.        Over the next few years, Oakmont 2030 plans to work with: the commercial property owners in Oakmont who are directly impacted; City of Santa Rosa officials responsible for the Master Plan and other departments as needed: and, organizations who are potential sources of support.

Q.        What Happens After the Oakmont Tomorrow Meetings in August?

A.        In order to capture the discussions of the community into visuals, ARCHILogix, an architectural and community planning firm in Santa Rosa, has been hired to take the visions developed by Oakmont residents and turn them into a series of simple visuals. These concept drawings will be publicly discussed in October.

Q.        How Can I Learn More About Oakmont 2030?

A.        The Oakmont 2030 website contains a large amount of information that has been gathered by various committees. Please visit and explore the site at

Q.        How Can I Join the Conversation and Stay Involved?

A.        There are many ways to be a part of Oakmont 2030.

  • Attend one of the July Workshops to understand the Oakmont Today
  • Attend one of the August Town Halls to participate in community discussions about Oakmont Tomorrow
  • Read the Oakmont 2030 eBlasts
  • Sign up to volunteer at our community meetings at
  • Attend an Oakmont 2030 event in your neighborhood
  • Visit the website at –
  • Write to Oakmont 2030 –
  • Support the project with a yard sign in your yard

Q.        Who is on the Oakmont 2030 Steering Committee?

A.        Tom Kendrick and Marlena Tremont are co-chairs. Other members include: Jess Marzak, Jeff Young, David Dearden, Jim Munger, Steve Spillman and Rex Fuller.

Oakmont 2030 is a subcommittee of the Long Range Planning Committee and the members have been frequently updated with the activities and decisions of the Steering Committee.