To make sure that the Berger Center does not get so loud that people can’t hear each other talk, there will be a maximum of 12 tables of 8 at each meeting. Space is limited and reservations are required.

You can sign up on,  call the OVA office at 707-539-1611 or sign up in person at the OVA office during business hours.

Oakmont Today Meetings

July 1501:30 – 03:30
July 1610:30 – 12:30
July 2001:30 – 03:30 VIA ZOOM
July 2101:30 – 03:30
July 2201:30 – 03:30 VIA ZOOM
July 3010:30 – 12:30

Oakmont Tomorrow Meetings

August 201:30 – 03:30
August 301:30 – 03:30
August 501:30 – 03:30 VIA ZOOM
August 610:30 – 12:30

How Will the Meetings Be Run?

Meetings will be led by professional facilitators using a Community Conversations model that puts participants into small, facilitated tables to discuss specific questions and questions. Their thoughts from each table are captured, combined with other groups, and distilled out for presentation back to the full group for reflection and potential prioritization. This discussion format allows for every participant to feel heard and to see their ideas combined with those of other community members.

Why Was This Model Chosen?

Community Conversations is a model that supports going beyond individual opinion sharing.  We know that the community will need to go beyond airing of individual opinions to innovating together through dialogue.  This can create new possibilities and sustainable decisions.  

What Other Communities Have Done This Kind of Program?

Many kinds of groups with diverse views have used the Community Conversations model to success. Examples include: congregations trying to discern how much to focus inward vs on outward mission; cities and towns working to discern priorities that inform a long-term plan; convenings of citizens after the World Trade Center attack to determine what should be on the site after the tragedy. 

The model is similar to the one used by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Communities by Design. Healdsburg worked with the AIA about 20 years ago to redesign their downtown. In Santa Rosa, they helped to develop the Southeast Greenway – Other communities can be found on the Communities by Design YouTube channel: Communities By Design, and in this Oakmont 2030 section of