3-18-2019 East Rec Progress

One more small step toward the coveted final permit sign off happened today when the City Public Art staffer, Tara Thompson came out to confirm that the public art has been installed as was designed on the application. Check! Done!
She has a photograph for her records and has stamped the paperwork at the city for approval of public art installation.

Now we have many minute things left and a few big items left to complete for the grand opening….MAY 1ST has been approved for the ribbon cutting at 3:30 pm!

We thought we could have a “soft” opening to clubs for building usage before the grand opening but the two dates were starting to converge.

The new awning below is up. (It is the color of the new shade sail yet to be seen over by the pool. )This awning on the building protects the window which pushes out at the too from collecting rain inside the building and also protects the new door to the downstairs bathrooms. There used to be a deck above the window and door…not that rain could not get in—-just not enough to be noticed. The awning will prevent rain from coming in at the top of the window when it is open.

The trex deck boards are on. Railing is next!

If there is ever an earthquake while I am at the East Rec pool area, I am going to stand under this deck!
Steel is everywhere with 5 ft. Footings holding up those vertical metal posts.

Concrete workers are getting ready for the pour of the concrete pool deck by laying out these site lines to meet ADA compliance on grade as the concrete meets the pool and the new hot tub.

That cardboard concrete sono tube is where one of the new exterior pole lights will be installed.

While drilling pier holes for the new shade sail there is a pipe Troy will reroute just a bit to miss the required concrete pier location. We attempted to relocate the pier but that did not prove viable. No need to ask…too long a story to go into.

You can see the drilling auger attached to the bulldozer below that looks like a cork screw piece of pasta- now that is how you dig pier holes for concrete!

This copper wire is in the sono tubes where electric lights will be placed after the concrete is poured…this wire is for grounding the electrical connection.

Tomorrow the inspector for themew water fire line comes out and the new enlarged water connection will have 200 pounds of water pressure in them to make sure the connections are solid. Then this rock pile below gets to be added to the big long trench in the driveway so the i\pipe can be covered and asphalt can be repaired.

The trench that will be filled with the above rock is pretty deep.

Here are the sizeable 4 new planter pots that go in front of the four front deck posts in the swimming area.

Less material on the ground means it is installed where it is supposed to be. Having a staging area to set materials that are preordered is critical to moving a job along. East Rec parking lot has been big enough as a work area and a staging area simultaneously.
We are sorry to interrupt access to the parking lit, but at this stage it has been necessary.
It will probably be closed another week to 10 days, depending on the weather.

Soon the quiet lovely nights of Oakmont will be able to be viewed from the East Rec windows while attending an evening event at the revitalized East Rec.

Hope to see you at the grand opening on May 1st!

Bring your friends! We need to celebrate!

As for me….I see more golf and pickleball in my future when this East Rec is done.