3-21-2022 OFC Board Meeting Minutes

OFC Board of Attendees: Joy Bellomo, Hanns Ullrich, Janice Weekes, Ron Marquardt, Peggy Clark 

Trainer: John Phillips 

Absent: Gary Jackson, Mike McInnis 

Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. 

Treasurer’s Report:  

  • As of today, our bank balance is $16,515.22. 

Membership Report: 

  • Membership is at 293 a/o today. 
  • We feel membership is down mostly due to the pandemic and having to wear masks while working out. 
  • John says several of his clients are not coming because their children have cautioned them against it. 


  • Janice will be writing an article about ‘What does the OFC Board Do?’  
  • Most people don’t realize how hard we work to try to motivate people to join the OFC. Without members we cannot make the improvements we want to.   
  • She can also mention that we worked hard to find a new vendor to repair our equipment. It is rare to find a piece of equipment sitting with a sign saying ‘out of order’ for an extended period of time. 
  • We discussed writing a bio on one board member each month. 
  • We could do an article entitled ‘Ask the OFC’. Send questions to our web address. 

OLD BUSINESS We talked at length about how to increase the OFC membership. How do we engage people to join? How do we get across to people the importance of joining the fitness club? We thought it might be a good idea to let people know just what we do as a board and the role we play in keeping the fitness club in working order. We also talked about posting signage to new pieces of equipment that says ‘This piece of equipment was purchased by the fitness club member’s dues. 

We voted to postpone the Picnic for this year because of lack of funds from  membership dues. We can take a look at our status near the end of the year and perhaps think about having a holiday gathering. 

Peggy shared an email from Colin regarding our music issue. Colin has been trying to come up with a fix for our music cutting out. He feels that a Roku Ultra would be the answer. We are going to let him know that we will pay for the device and get this taken care of ASAP.  

After meeting information about the music situation. Because John is becoming an OVA employee, he will be receiving a laptop computer for his office. Colin says we can run Spotify off of John’s computer. This is great news! 

NEW BUSINESS: A push to change John Phillips’ status to an OVA employee was initiated and pushed forward by a collaborative effort on the part of our Board. We are thrilled to have helped John to achieve employee status. His new employee package will include the following: 

  • full coverage medical/dental/vision package 
  • he will work 30 hours a week @ $20 per hour for the OVA and that will give him 10 hours for personal training and OFC one on one. 
  • there is a retirement program available if he chooses to invest 
  • OVA will pay for all his credentials fees 
  • John thinks his new employee status will begin April 1 
  • OFC will reduce one on one to one hour a week and make it available to members on demand. Peggy will make a new sign-up sheet. 

Peggy checked with Jay regarding an estimate for reupholstering damaged pads on some of our equipment. Jay estimated that the cost for reupholstering 18 pieces would be around $800. We may want to consider paying for this repair out of our budget. 

Two of our board members will be on vacation and will not be able to attend our next meeting so we have changed our meeting to Monday, May 9 @11:00 AM in room B. We have also switched our meetings back to 9:00 AM because of conflicts with John’s personal training clients. 

Next Fitness Club Board Meeting: May 9th, at 11:00 AM in the CAC, Room B. 

Respectfully submitted by, 

Peggy Clark 

OFC Secretary 


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