The East Rec parking lot will be closed for at least one week as of tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 7th. All parking for those going to the pickleball and tennis courts will need to be on the street.

Walking to the sport courts from Oakmont Drive will have to be done on the left side of the street entrance of the East Rec. Be aware of any equipment or construction vehicles and take extra shoes that may get muddy to approach the courts that may be working by the pool area.

East Rec water will be shut off tomorrow starting in the morning for the day for the 11 homes that have already been notified.

The reason for the water and parking lot shut down:

Nordby is digging in the street to expose the main water supply line under the street so they can tie into the main with a larger diameter water supply line that can adequately and forcefully supply the new fire sprinklers being installed in the East Rec. The digging starts at the street and then the parking lot trenching will start to bury the bigger water line as it approaches the East Rec building.