3-6-2019 East Rec Progress

The last mile of a marathon always feels like the longest…hang in there folks!

Below is the start of the metal(not wood) deck framing for the deck in between the bigger structural metal joists.

Every screw that that is installed with these L shaped metal joist hangers has to be predrilled into metal. But guess what…no dry rot is possible with this assembly.

Lunch break at East Rec reveals a large tv screen in the corner that can show the same power point going on in the big room or a different audio event with the sliding acoustic panel doors shut for a simultaneous separate event. On the floor are the hanging lights yet to be installed in both the conference room and the “high hat” central area of the big space.

Acoustic specialist Jack Garrison’s lead installer is getting ready to install the horizontal acoustic panels all around the perimeter of both rooms, which is part of the work that makes the sound quality in the room much improved. You can also see the acoustic paneled ceilings are complete.

As you can see below, there are a lot of them. The bigger ones the installer is standing in front of are the panels that are also the enlarged art pieces that David Harris created for us to pass the public art requirement. Those 4 ft x 4 ft pieces are simultaneously acoustic panels and art pieces. How is that possible? How do you transfer a photo to a tee shirt? Same principle, only the professional photo of the art was transferred to a material that is acoustic cloth wrapped over the acoustic panel. Voila! You have an art & acoustic panel all in one.

That tall vertical round metal piece attached to the wall by the window that is wrapped in plastic is one of the new two main speakers. We have other speakers speakers in the ceiling and a great big woofer in the acoustic ceiling.

Here below is the city main water supply line underneath the street at Oakmont Drive right near the East Rec parking lot entrance. Nordby’s team will be tapping into it with a water bigger supply line from there to the East Rec building so that the new fire sprinklers will have sufficient water pressure to protect the building in case of fire.

As of tomorrow, March 6th the East Rec parking lot will be closed for residents. Digging a trench for the upsized water line will be happening, as rain subsides. 11 homes will have their water shut off tomorrow while Nordby is making the connection to the water main below the street. The homes affected have been notified by the water department of Santa Rosa. The parkinglot may be closed until March 20th, due to interruption of daily work due to rain.

For those tennis players and pickleballers who wish to get to the Esst Rec courts, park on Oakmont Drive and walk up the service entrance road pictured below.

Sheetrock inspection was passed this week. This second story addition /storage room below was the last area upstairs  to receive sheetrock. Mudding the seams starts tomorrow.

Troy is getting the protective floor covering clean with a broom and a vacuum, so the acoustic art panels and other acoustic panels can be hung tomorrow in a cleaned up space.

Remember…no rain dances between now and April 1st!☔️?????
What we want to see is sunshine!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019