5-18-2021: General Manager Report

Dear Oakmont Members:

We have been busy since our April Board Meeting with lots of enthusiasm for reopening! The Board and Committees are working hard with the Maintenance and Administration Teams to provide for a seamless transition.   You can expect status updates, via E-blasts, to continue with late-breaking news.

Highlights over the Past Month:

Berger Center Floor Replacement:

The floor replacement is complete!   Our shiny new floor has highlighted the need for a “freshening up” of the interior. Board Member Heidi along with the BCC are developing a cost-effective scope of work including painting, updating window coverings, replacing stage curtains and skirt, and cleaning of the fireplace stone.

Junk the Junipers Wrap-Up:

This event was a huge success. We are concluding final chipping and clean up this week.  Thank you to the Firewise Committee, Volunteers, Owners, Landscape Contractors, True North and Staff for making our Oakmont community more fire-safe and for making this event a huge success.

Dog Park Update:

We receive many good ideas and suggestions from the dog park users. The need for shade within the dog park itself was nearly unanimous. Consequently, a hard covered structure has been approved, and a prefabricated, aluminum Gazebo with dimensions of 13’ x 15’ has been selected. This will accommodate approximately 8 to 10 folks with seating.

Many thanks to Volunteer and former Ad Hoc Dog Park Committee member Dick Ayres, and OVA Board Member Heidi Klyn for their help and assistance.

Oakmont Video Conferencing Upgrades:

The need to maximize remote audience involvement has become clear over the last year.  Our objective is to enable successful hybrid events with state-of-the-art equipment.   The plan is to provide first-class, audio-visual coverage of Speaker Presentations and Audience Questions with:

  • Superior camera and microphone coverage for hybrid meetings
  • Seamless display of presentations on the big screen
  • Views of the live audience
  • Connecting remote audience for questions to the presenters

Many thanks to David Deardon, Colin Hannigan, the BCC, OVA Board and numerous Tech Savvy Volunteers for identifying the need and developing a workable solution for our hybrid events.

Architectural Review Reminder: Landscaping, provided by Christel Antone

Landscaping Season is here. Many homeowners are eager to relandscape with the challenges of the Drought and an accelerated Fire Season in mind.

To begin your relandscape project, there are two options to process the landscape applications. The FIRST OPTION allows the homeowner to begin removing the old landscaping in advance of a fully developed plan for relandscaping.

FIRST OPTION: To expedite the process, homeowners will relandscape in 2 phases and submit two applications.

  • 1st Phase: Homeowner applies for the removal of landscape elements such as Shrubs, Trees, Plants, Bark etc. This is a desk approval, and We will have approval back within 1-2 days.
  • 2nd Phase: Homeowner applies, within 90 days of initial application, with the ultimate relandscaping plans. This must show any existing plantings, newly proposed plantings, and what ground cover is to be used.  This approval typically takes 2 weeks depending on how many pending applications are on the AC’s desk.  This phase can be flexible, depending on circumstances such as season for flowers and budget etc.

The SECOND OPTION: Submit one application for the removal and relandscape, this application requires plans attached showing any existing plantings, newly proposed plantings, and what ground cover is to be used. This process also takes about 2 weeks for approval.

Ion Block installations:

These are being installed in the Berger, East & West Rec centers over the next 2 weeks for completion on May 28th in advance of the June 15th building reopening.

Elnoka Project:

The Elnoka Senior Community, just west of Oakmont, had been delayed but is now back before city planners. They are considering impacts including traffic, density, and zoning.

Oakmont began reviewing the new Elnoka Plan at the May 12 meeting of the Oakmont Community Development Committee (OCDC). The OCDC asked OVA President Tom Kendrick and GM Kimberly Rowland to name a special committee to work with the city and the developer, to further Oakmont’s interests.  This effort is underway.

Tom Kendrick will provide more detail on this proposed project. Thank you!