6-28-2019 East Rec Progress

Monday, July 1st the East Rec once again belongs to residents of Oakmont. I went by this afternoon to do a final walk through.

Below are the new lights for the billiards room.

On the wall below  is the new mini- split heater/air conditioner for the billiards room. We found out only a few weeks ago that the club members were standing on a box to reach the old AC window unit. For safety reasons and to ease of ongoing maintenance, we installed a modern HVAC system there.

This issue did not come up in our early design needs surveys of clubs. But it is now resolved.

We even have had added requests as of yesterday… whew…( turned that one down!)

Let’s just say it is hard to run a job through to completion when the 4700 “clients” keep adding stuff.


We actually added 50% more work to the original scope of the East Rec work after the initial contract was first signed.

 Most of the adds were very logical, such as completing the whole parking lot while 40% of it was already torn up…. This avoided another East Rec shutdown in August and it saved us quite a bit of budgeted parking lot money because the heavy equipment was already on site. 

There will be an OVA workshop later with more details about the evolution of the East Rec renovation, but for those who just need the Reader’s Digest version, you just got it.

The spa is getting its final cleaning before opening on Monday. Johnson Pool staff are doing the last minute cleaning of hot tub.

Below Nordby has one of their staff running around with a punch list of tiny things to fix for completion. Paint brush is in this guy’s hand.

We are so fortunate to have had Nordby Construction on the job.
They added the Berger seismic work to their scope at a cheaper price than getting yet another contractor involved to complete that Oakmont work. They ran over and fixed the West Rec when a pipe burst. They did some things gratis for us.

As you may know, every construction company has more than enough work to keep them busy for the next 4 or 5 years. It was such a great experience to work with such a capable and experienced general contracting company for this project.

While Nordby’s original schedule for East Rec completion was 5 months for the initial, incompletely scoped project, completing the project ultimately came in at 10 months…

What happened?

1.Permit hold ups in city- 5 weeks
( This put us starting the job in the fall instead of summer)

2. Cumulative Rain set us back 7 weeks

3. Additional scope approved in January by OVA Board added 9 weeks 

These 3 issues add up to  over 5 extra months. (5 plus 5 equal 10 months)

Regarding budgets, final amount spent is well within the adjustments made to the project earlier this year.

Unknown conditions on any job can be expected to run 10% above original contracts. Nordby’s unexpected conditions found on the job during construction were right in line with cost of unexpected conditions running 10% or less.

Below I retrieved the original color board that BCC members Richard Kasten & David Harris did for us at the culmination of the design stage of the East Rec. This was the vision.

As I walk away from the end of this chapter, the vision has become a reality.

 I am thankful to the BCC members who helped in so many numerous ways, the Oakmont Art Assn. President Phil Wilkinson and above all the current OVA Board for their wisdom and understanding of the importance of upgrading our facilities.

Remember the phrase, “ it takes a village”?

Fortunately we have a wonderful village…

Oakmont Village!