8-17-2020 Dog Park Update

Hello Oakmonters!

In spite of the 2020 pandemic, progress is happening on multiple fronts for improvements to Oakmont that the Board approved in the recent past.

Let’s start with the dog park.  If you remember,  the new dog park site is behind the Oakmont Community Garden. The long path to the Happy Tails Dog Park is the trail that volunteer Hugh Helms championed a couple of years back. The trail needs to be ADA compliant in slope front to back and side to side, so the slope is being adjusted and will have a new compacted sub-base that is permeable, but much more stable and long-lasting than the prior one.

At the end of the trail-  The new AZAK fire and rot resistant deck at the entrance of the official dog park is needed  for ADA compliance, as there is a sharp slope drop off at that point. You can see the framing below on the right side that will become a gentle ramp with railings to get dog owners to the flat area of the park entrance with ease.

The new fence below shows the outside boundary of the park where the dogs will romp freely.

The rocks found on the site below are being recycled and used for improved drainage culverts needed to keep the path from being eroded from rainwater during the winter.

Other construction news at Oakmont includes the following:

The OVA office now has a new natural gas generator that will power the OVA office during any power shutdowns by PG&E. This will allow our staff to continue working and be available for any issues homeowners may have during Rolling power outages.

BELOW – The golf pro shop has received an interior facelift. A check-in kiosk, baseboard, and interior shades are on order. The flooring is the LVP (luxury vinyl plank) that is now commonly used in high traffic commercial areas.

The golf restaurant has finally received some long-awaited custom order materials that will allow Nordby Construction to continue work in the restaurant. The areas of improvement are the bar/restaurant, the two bathrooms in that area, the front entrance and foyer, and the dining area behind the foyer with the great view of the golf course and mountains. The exteriors of the pro shop and the restaurant have been painted. 
BELOW- At CENTRAL/BERGER parking lot, Reyff Electric is preparing a strong engineered concrete pad to hold the permanent generator that can run the Central Rec Center, Berger Auditorium, and the maintenance building. A new automatic transfer switch is also being installed so that the connection of the generator to our existing electrical switchgear is safe and code compliant. When the power from PG& E shuts down, the generator will automatically turn on. 438 gallons will keep these buildings running for several days before a refueling is needed, based on past history of fuel use with temporary generators at this location.

FYI – The CAC/Berger generator is less than 4 feet tall when the moving pallet below it is removed. And the blue plastic wrapping comes off. There will be plantings and privacy screen to hide the view of the generator when it is placed onto the pad in its proper position.

And if you thought that was all that is happening this summer here at Oakmont, you would be wrong! David Dearden, Vice-Chair of the BCC is managing the 3 Solar canopy projects that will be installed at all Oakmont Rec Centers.

The permit for these 3 solar canopy locations is still in the building department but should be released fairly soon. David and I are in touch with the building department directly to make sure things are moving along.

Below is a plan showing the location of the planned solar canopy at the East Rec Center. These canopies are being paid for by investors of corporations that are looking for tax breaks. That law is very fortunate for us, as we will have a lower electrical bill for running our buildings by doing this, and shade to park under in heat waves! And somebody else paid for it!