8-31-2020 Dog Park Update

Hello Oakmonters!

We are going to have a very spacious dog park in the near future. Note the fence enclosure below.

The deck is made of Azak deck boards (grade A fire resistant and rot proof).There will be 3 benches on the deck for those who wish to rest when they have made the trek down the ADA compliant trail from Stonebridge Rd. I am standing on the ramp to exit the deck into the dog park.

Jason and Jorge are building the ADA entrance to the deck from the ADA path.

Here Jason is demonstrating how the entrance gate will be required to swing 180 degrees to be code compliant.

The Dog park field is long enough for dogs to run and get exhausted before you bring them home. That is the sign of a good dog park in my mind. The railings and all of the deck will be completed by next week along with drainage work in the 3 culverts and side slope of the path.

The railing will meet current code with direct tension ties (see the metal), which secures the railing very tightly to the deck itself.

The concrete landing at the entrance ramp is required to be perfectly level as you enter the ramp, gate and deck.

You can see that the yellow jacket traps are quite full. Warning…do not being any meat or food to the dog park. These yellow jackets are meat eaters. 

Paula Lewis, President of the Canine Club and Dick Ayres, member serving on the dog park committee are walking a temporary ramp to walk onto the deck. The permanent entrance area was still be worked on.

This culvert is built with a wire drain under this rock and a sunken pipe that takes the water from the side hill and forces it to go under and away from the deck. This insures no threat will occur to the poured concrete footings.

So far we are still on schedule and under budget, despite a shortage of cement powder in this entire area and Covid 19, which has created a supply chain interruption.