Water Main Burst, NOT at the East Rec (9/10/2018)

What happened on Oakmont Drive in front of the East Rec parking lot?

The city water main burst around 3 am this morning in front of the driveway into the East Rec Parking Lot. The city has repaired it and will next repair the asphalt in the street that was damaged.

This incident is totally unrelated to the construction work by Nordby on the East Rec Center.

We are planning to dig a hole at the street to tie our new fire sprinklers to the main water line but that will be later in the project.

You will receive weekly photos and progress reports on the East Rec renovation via Eblast and a connection to the OVA website where you will see the progress in photos and descriptions.

Demolition of the outside deck boards and all of the interior of the East Rec will be completed today.

Next week the jackhammering for the concrete pool deck and the sizeable old piers will be removed.

Tile for all four bathrooms has been received and is sitting in the pods.

Moving forward at a good pace!

Iris Harrell

BCC Chair