9-16-2020 Dog Park, Berger Lot, and Luna Restaurant Updates

Hello Oakmonters!

During fires, pandemics and bad air, the construction progress continues at Oakmont. Below you see the newly poured concrete of the ADA parking spot for the Happy Tails Dog Park.

Below here you see the AZAK deck with hogwire and redwood deck at the end of the nee ADA path That is still in progress.

What you see below is the weed cloth under the new trail, the sub-base pervious rock that is being tamped down with a machine and the little bit of fine pervious rock on top is the next layer to be tamped down. It will be very smooth and easy to walk on to get to the dog park.

Below- Jason is the Mitchell Landscape project manager for this construction… a gentleman and a perfectionist.

Jorge and Jesus are the right hand guys along with Jason making all of this progress happen.

Owen Mitchell, owner of the landscape company built a better opening cover to this City clean out that you can stand on. Before it was an old piece of plywood sitting loose on top.

The drainage from the natural hillside slope has been much improved and the edge as it meets the path has been softened. This photo is from the deck back to Stonebridge Drive and the top finish base has not been added yet.

Paula Lewis, President of the Canine club, Dick Ayres and Steve Huntley have been key to the success of this project as the volunteer leadership.

We are ready for the rain with these rebuilt culverts…and hopefully some day, it will rain again here in Oakmont!

Other construction news…

Equipment for the start of the new solar canopies has arrived for start of construction next week….and in the distance you see the new Berger generator Standing proudly in place.
That job is still in process.

Report on the Luna Restaurant

Troy, Nordby project manager on the job at the Luna restaurant wears a 2017 tee shirt today that says “stronger than smoke.”

The bar restaurant area is in the sheetrock repair stage.

Tile is being installed in the 2 bathrooms closest to the bar and dining room.

The tilers are setting the floor tile in the two bathrooms at this point.

The exterior lights at the restaurant are being replaced and their height is being adjusted to meet ADA requirements…thus the removal of a bit of exterior siding.

Below are some of the new undercounter refrigerators for the bar area.

The good news about being at the Sheetrock stage is painting will be next!

So just like the post office who delivers mail rain or shine, the Oakmont projects are going forward, pandemic, fires and all. What else have got to do when all the buildings are closed? Might as well get ready for spectacular grand openings.

Dog park will be completed by the end of September. We will be having a grand opening for sure!

Iris Harrell
BCC Chair