East Rec Demolition Continues (9/17/2018)

Old Lockers

The East Rec demolition continues. We have more jack hammering to do though so expect a bit more noise for the next 11 days or so.

Nordby is coordinating with the city repair team regarding the needed road repair after the city water main burst last week in the middle of the night. The city will repair the road asphalt in a temporary manner until Nordby has confirmed the location and timing of adding the bigger water line to feed the new fire sprinkler system, which will mean making a  hole in the asphalt to attach to that new main water line.

After Nordby completes that step ( timing still to be determined), the city will not only fix the street in a permanent way, it has to also replace the concrete apron used to enter the East Rec parking lot. We will try to keep the closure of the parking lot down to one week by coordinating with the city.

Removal of plants between the deck and the pool
Upstairs Bathroom Removed
8×8 two story deck posts removed with forklift & jack-hammering of pool