East Rec Demolition Almost Done (9/24/2018)

The East Rec has about 2 more days of demolition left.

Excavator digging at East Rec Work Site As you can see to the left, the concrete deck around the pool has been demolished and is being off loaded for hauling.

Crooked downspout at East Rec work site The old downspout with 5 turns (far from ideal for flowing rainwater) will be replaced with a straight one down the corner of the building and drain directly into a new plumbing drain line. The landscape irrigation timer will be taken off of this old deck post and have a post of its own located by the gates to the air conditioner units.

People scheduling work for East Rec Center. Scheduling is updated every two weeks and diagrams to help discussions during the weekly meetings are done here in the pool (as in shooting pool) room where Troy and Deanna do paperwork and hold our meetings.

Demolished equipment room in East Rec center.

The pool equipment room has been demolished to receive new equipment and sump pit and new drain lines for the new equipment. Rick Aubert and Troy and Deanna discuss the exact location of the sump pit.