9-27-2020 BCC: Golf restaurant, Berger, and the Dog Park

Hello to those Oakmonters who are weary of the fight against Covid and perpetual wildfires!

If you are looking for some good news, read on!

Below are some progress reports on the various construction projects still moving forward in Oakmont in this dormant time for so many of us.

The Oakmont restaurant is now in the painting phase. After the painting, the new flooring will be going in at the foyer and  the bar/dining area.

The existing and very old water heaters for the restaurant have been leaking for quite awhile, as evidenced by the corrosion on the copper piping. They will need to be replaced.

 At the Berger parking lot area Rick Aubert, our maintenance manager has lifting sidewalks being replaced as needed, while there is less homeowner activity at Berger due to Covid.

Solar panel canopies are going up at all three rec centers, with Berger being in the lead on progress. Remember that these canopies are being paid for by an outside corporation looking for tax breaks…and we are the lucky recipients of solar panels with shade canopies.

The OVA maintenance staff below was getting instruction on Friday regarding the new diesel generator that is now installed next to the existing big electrical switchgear box. Reyff Electric has completed their work and final inspection happens next week.
The diesel generator holds 430 gallons of diesel fuel, that should run for several days. There is now an automatic transfer switch, which creates a safer connection for the generator and an automatic start, when the next power outage occurs.
There will be landscaping and screening of those big equipment pieces in the near future.

The dog park is almost completed. Below you see a doggie waste station with trash container, installed  by Dick Ayres, one of the ad hoc dog park committee members.

Dick is looking at the newly installed shut off for the water that Mitchell Landscaping installed that allowed his workers to get water needed for the construction period…and the new extended water line he put in feeds the water station at the dog park deck. That water source can be turned on or off without interrupting the water at the community garden.

The sturdy path is wider than the previous volunteer path and meets the ADA slope and grade for accessibility. Owen Mitchell explains the softening of the hillside grade on the left side as it meets the path. And there are drainage pipes below the straw waddles that catch the rainfall, should we ever get any again!

Paula Lewis, President of the Canine Club shows the utility road transition from the path to the deck as hikers turn left to enter Annadel Park.

Below- A level path has been created in the middle of the dog park for the full length of the park, so people can follow their dogs safely to the very end or go fetch them when it is time to go home. We will have doggie waste stations in 4 locations. Dick is holding the pole for one of them  to be installed Monday.

This job has gone relatively smoothly with a great contractor, a great ad hoc dog park committee and a supportive Board. This is Owen’s last week on the job. Dick Ayres and Steve Huntley will be painting the ADA parking striping on the mew ADA parking spot and  installing all required signage next week.
Happy Tails Dog Park will soon be open for business!

Iris F. Harrell
(Photos by Julie Kiil and Iris Harrell)

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Mary Baker Eddy