Tis the season for new resolutions, so, with that in mind, viewing next year from 30,000 feet “and beyond,” what I wish for is Protection and Nurturance of our Milky Way, Earth, and Homo Sapiens. Since I’m wishing, might as well wish big!
First, I wish for international agreements to respect our solar system and all of outer space: let’s stop preparations to wage war from/in space and stop the despoliation of the universe. Also, let’s tax space tourism. Make billionaires use their fortunes to help our planet rather than to fuel a weekend getaway for themselves in space.
Next, I wish for international cooperation to create and maintain a livable, healthy planet. Humans cannot live on a dead planet. To enjoy security, health, and wellbeing, we need a living, thriving home with a benign climate, clean air, drinkable water and fertile soil. And, as part of the natural world we must care for its multiple biosystems and flora and fauna.

Finally, I wish for a global commitment to caring for our human family-with all its needs. Needs including basic standards for health, education, housing, food, income and meaningful work as well as political and social entitlements of justice, equality, peace, liberty, and self-determination. By observing the rights and responsibilities of individuals and societies we can hope to create a good, decent life for Earth’s inhabitants. In particular, by first addressing the conditions of citizens who are most vulnerable among us-children, the aged, the persecuted, those with disabilities- we can demonstrate how to build systems that value and safeguard the lives of all. Across the world we can agree to make our common survival as a species our top priority.

This wish list can be a mandate for the international community to work in concert to identify, elevate, and problem solve the concerns of humanity, the planet, and the larger universe. Through our combined skills and capacities, the global community can improve political diplomacy and governance; share educational, scientific and technological knowledge; foster humanitarian missions and aid; and allocate material and intellectual resources. As citizens of Earth, we have it in our power to harness the inherent goodness of people to share resources, show compassion, and strive to cooperate.

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AARP Driver Safety Course

A newly designed AARP Smart Driver course is returning to the Oakmont Central Activities Center starting in August. Note: The June 23 class was cancelled. 

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