Adaptation – John Phillips
The Fitness Center has been open since March and we have had to make several adjustments in our operation. We need your patience in adapting to our new world of working out. As we workout, we hope that our bodies will adapt and change, and hopefully improve with the stressors (exercises) that we perform. Now we have added some additional stressors, like working out with a mask. I realize that it is very uncomfortable to workout with a mask. If we want to keep the center open and functioning, and our fellow members healthy, we must wear a mask and wear it properly. To wear a mask properly it needs to cover your nose and mouth. This brings us back to adapting, since it can be very difficult to breathe with the mask, we may need to adjust our routine. You could try not to do as much indoors and do more outdoors when the opportunity permits.

Weight training should be a little bit easier but still can get uncomfortable. Again, you may need to make some adjustments, maybe not perform as many sets, reps or use as much weight as you have in the past. This might also be a good time to change up your routine and try something totally different. Maybe incorporate a slow rep routine or anything to change it up.

There are two doors, one in the cardio area and one in the free weight/stretching area where you can step out, lift your mask up and take in some fresh air and then step back in. Don’t let the doors shut because they will lock you out.

I would like to thank those members who are acting as watch dogs and asking people to put their masks on. These unmasked people should not take it personal and simply put your mask on. After all it is the MANDATE. Remember we are all in this together so do the right thing and be kind.

If you need help with your work out, please feel free to ask me for suggestions. You can reach me at the center Monday through Friday, by phone/ text at 707-494-9086 or email And as always, I look forward to seeing everyone at the Fitness Center.


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