AGP Walking Update

Dear Members,

In accordance with yesterday’s order from the Sonoma County health officer, we are pleased to inform you that walking is now permitted on the golf course!

We know many of you have eagerly awaiting this news. We request that you respect your neighbors’ privacy. Please don’t congregate, or linger near anyone’s homes. 

Taken directly from the report: “The order specifies park visits must originate from a resident’s home and cannot involve the use of a motor vehicle. It limits park activities to walking, hiking, jogging, biking and fishing at this time. Park users must carry a face covering and wear the covering if they come within 6 feet of other visitors.”

Therefore, there will be no parking allowed on the golf course properties, and we request that you use a mask when you come within six feet of others. For the sake of appearances, we politely advise that you wear a mask for the entirety of your exercise, if possible. 

We encourage you to stay on the paths except when it may force you to pass too closely to another group. Your safety is our first priority, but we ask you use your best judgement so we don’t create any grass issues. 

We hope to have news about golfing privileges forthcoming and, as always, we will be in contact as soon as we have any information.

Our thoughts are with all of you, and we hope you are staying safe. 

Thank you,

The Advance Golf Team