All Oakmont Facilities May Open June 16

            The Oakmont Village Board of Directors voted at its May 18 virtual meeting to open all OVA facilities June 16 consistent with state and county COVID guidelines in effect at that time, including any additional constraints regarding reduced occupancies, mask wearing or other restrictions. The facilities have been closed since March 17, 2020.

            The resolution ordering the reopening notes that the governor’s office predicts that most or all state-mandated closures will end June 15. It also cites the need to balance the uncertainty of COVID levels until June 16 with the desire to reopen as soon as possible. In addition, clubs and committees, as well as staff, need advance notice to prepare for resuming indoor activities. 


            In a move to step up its ability to notify Oakmont volunteers to respond to emergencies, the board approved spending up to $2,000 a year for a communications system which will contact approximately 300 volunteers, often in less than 45 seconds.

            The Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee said one of its biggest challenges is alerting volunteers to prepare to respond. “Our responders don’t wait until evacuation warnings or orders are issued for Oakmont,” the committee said. “We attempt to activate our volunteers when conditions exist that may develop into emergency situations, such as fire weather warnings, high wind warnings and public service power shutoffs.”

            The committee said it has decided to treat warnings and orders for areas adjacent to Oakmont as applying to Oakmont as well. 

            The automated calling tree will notify OEPC volunteers along with volunteers with COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies), MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) OEPC board members and OVA board members. Responders will choose how they want to be notified, whether by land line, cell phone, e-mail, text message or a combination of these.

            When the activation order is received, volunteers set up equipment, monitor conditions in the neighborhoods and report and share information over radios, work which includes keeping residents informed. Until now, OEPC has relied to activate responders on e-mail, which has proven to be inadequate.

            The contract with OnSolve for its MyCallNow automated calling service covers approximately 300 users at an annual cost of $5.50 per user for an annual cost of $1,650 plus a one-time charge of $95 for training.

            The board approved a $44,260 contact with Action Courts & Greens of Santa Rosa to resurface three bocce courts with a synthetic covering that will be easier than the present surface to maintain and carries a 10-year warranty. The resolution noted that a resurfacing done in 2015 is not holding up satisfactorily.