Per Sonoma County orders, no more than 12 people, all wearing masks, may be present in any single room within OVA facilities.
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Confused about which events, venues, activities are now fully open, which are partially open and which remain on-line? If you are, you’re not alone. Covid-19 and it’s aftermath continue to challenge. Many people claim to have “FOGO” (Fear of Going Out) even after having been vaccinated. According to a recent article in Psychology Today, returning to activities and “life-as-normal” may bring confusion, anxiety and stress. Author Dr. Andrea Bonior suggests: 1) Ease back into your old routine; there is no (one specific) right way; 2) Set aside time for self-care during this period of change.

Easing back into exercise is a great way to start. It builds health and confidence. Free Fitness classes are back in Burger and are offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9:00. Group exercise is one way to socialize. JoRene has expanded her repertoire to include Pilates and yoga. Bodies need strength, endurance, flexibility, stretching and balance. So do minds. These classes challenge those who forgot to exercise during the covid year and those who never missed a Zoom session. Each body is different. All bodies benefit.

A marathon runner never ran a race before walking to the corner and back home. When you put Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 class, on your “to-do” list, you’ll be half-way there.

Disclaimer for all:
Equipment for JoRene’s class: Non-skid mats, 3# hand weights, athletic shoes (supportive but not too grippy,) and a water bottle – hydration revitalizes. Fragrance-Free, please. Share the floor with kindness.

Word to the wise: For your safety, good balance and lateral movement are needed for quick aerobic moves. A fall may cause serious injury. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. All Free Fitness Classes are too large to accommodate those who need special supervision. If you have shoulder, back, knee problems, anything that is painful, it is advisable to join a smaller, well-supervised class first, and consult a personal trainer or medical professional to learn modifications that are suitable to your condition. Participants need to use their judgment and body awareness… altering each exercise to prevent injury.  Be careful dear ones. Welcome!


We are the world

Star Power WE ARE THE WORLD We are the world, We are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day . .


In the three bowls sports – lawn bowls, bocce, and pétanque — the lawn bowls “jack” is by far the largest target ball and the bocce “pallino” is the next largest while the pétanque target ball is by far the smallest, just 1.14 – 1.22” in diameter. But as an article in All About Pétanque points out, although it may be diminutive in size the pétanque target ball has the richest vocabulary of names.

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Captions for Hard of Hearing

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