All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Bassoon!

The bassoon is arguably one of the hardest to play and definitely, the strangest looking of all the instruments in the orchestra. Besides being the largest instrument of the woodwind family and playing the lowest notes, it requires the use of the thumbs on no less than 14 different keys! Sometimes described as the “clown of the orchestra” because of its puckish sound, it’s also one of the most expressive of instruments as will be demonstrated in this presentation. Like the oboe, the bassoon’s sound comes from vibrations created by blowing through two pieces of bamboo cane strapped together. Although double reed instruments can be traced back all the way to the ancient Greeks, the first predecessor of the bassoon appeared in the renaissance and has been a mainstay of the orchestra from the Baroque to the present day. Please join us as we explore this unique instrument with demonstrations, musical examples and live music.
Marc Helfman has been playing the clarinet since his teens and is a member of several local musical ensembles as well as being principal clarinetist of the North Bay Sinfonietta. Along with Judy Walker and his wife Jean, he has helped put on presentations of the Oakmont Music Lovers for the past five years.
WHEN:         Tuesday, May 7th at 10:30 am
WHERE:       East Rec. Center (Hopefully!)
COST:           Free



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