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War with China! Unthinkable! Why would China and America resort to open military conflict against one another? Both countries are so closely linked economically and financially that open warfare would be economic suicide for China and would cause at least a severe economic dislocation in America.

And yet such conflicts often originate from a series of smaller events that accumulate over time until the protagonists believe that they have no choice but to engage in armed conflict (e.g. World War 1).  As America reduces its international profile, Beijing seems very willing to take up the leadership of the global commons. But several “hot spots” in Asia between Beijing and Washington still remain tension-filled, and may bring about a “call to arms” by either side to achieve a “win” over the other. This presentation assesses the potential for such an open military clash in Asia.

Perry Ritenour holds a Ph.D. in Asian Studies from Georgetown University. He has frequently lectured on current affairs in Asia at colleges and universities, as well as in the OLLI program. Perry has studied Chinese language and has traveled extensively throughout Asia as a bank executive, as well as an academic researcher. A graduate of VMI, Perry was a captain in Military Intelligence during the Vietnam War. He lives in Oakmont with his wife, Lee

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