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Annual Holiday Party & Distinguished Service Award

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  • Phil Bowman

The Berger was once again the venue of this fun event. As in the past few years we worked with Sonoma County Human Services, and selected 70 foster children who asked Santa for presents. These were children ranging from as young as 3 months to as old as 17 years. We bought them gifts that were on their wish lists and delivered those presents to the SCHS yesterday. There are going to be some very happy kids this year because of the generosity of our members. Indeed, the big tree at the Berger was overwhelmed by the number of presents so expertly wrapped by our talented volunteers. The kindness and generosity of our members is truly overwhelming

This honor, previously named Dorr Mott Award, is presented each year to the Oakmont lawn bowler(s) who, through service to the club, embody the spirit of the O.L.B.C. This year’s honoree is Jim Krause. It would be easier to name the things he hasn’t done since there are hardly any. He, without being asked took over the bowls room and reordered the shelves: bowls, party materials and wall of fame and has seen to it that the plaques are kept up to date. If there was a tournament, you were sure to see tables set up coffee, tea, fruits and many breakfast goodies. Jim is truly “a man for all seasons.


Winners of the various tournaments were recognized and presented with their awards.

Men’s Pairs: Bob Dodd & Jeff Vanderheyden

Women’s Pairs: Jeana Garcia & Pam Dempsey

Men’s Triples: Tom Ternullo, Phil Bowman & Ted DeJung

Mixed Pairs: Tom Ternullo & Sue Tredick

Veteran/Novice Jim MacAlastaire & Pam Dempsey

Women’s Triples Linda Rubio, Ann Miller & Ande Anderson

Mixed Triples Gary Scott, Jim Krause & Steve Pickell

Men’s Singles Bob Dodd

Women’s Singles Denise Lenahan

Mixed Singles Jim Krause

Novice Singles Bonnie Johnston

Life Membership Awards were presented to: Wally Schilpp, Billie Cobb, Blair Beaty, Paul Wycoff and Colin Pegley. Colin and Paul were ill and unable to attend (you know they would have been there if they could).

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