Christel Antone's promotion to General Manager being announced at the 4/19/22 OVA Board Meeting.

Antone Promoted to General Manager

            Christel Antone, who has been with the Oakmont Village Association for the past four years, most recently as architectural and compliance director, is OVA’s new general manager, it was announced at the board’s April 19 meeting.

            Before joining OVA, Antone spent 25 years with Walmart as a store manager, regional manager overseeing 138 stores and worked closely with California officials and agencies to create compliance strategies and new legislation.

Christel Antone,
OVA General Manager

            Antone said she is “honored to be allowed the opportunity to serve the members and board of Oakmont. I am passionate about Oakmont and have become emotionally attached to Oakmont. As general manager, I look forward to contributing my skills and leadership to the staff, board and the community. With the great staff and members of the community, I know I am set up for success and there will be many good things to come.” 

            Antone has three grown children, two local and one out of state, and five grandchildren.


            The Board of Directors approved spending up to $100,000 to solicit residents’ ideas on what Oakmont should look like ten years from now. 

            The money will pay for professional community facilitators and specialists in community planning to run multiple meetings over the next year to discuss the future of Oakmont. Beginning this summer, members will be invited to a series of meetings, workshops and forums that will be led by facilitators who will also train Oakmont volunteers and translate the discussions into summaries that reflect the community’s views.

            Marlena Cannon, who heads up Oakmont 2030, called the effort “incredibly exciting” as it gives the Oakmont community the opportunity to weigh in on the future. The first meeting will be held In June. The funding covers expenses incurred through March, 2023.  

            The board approved a $38,648 contract with Sonoma Ecology Center to write a cooperative program to reduce the risks of wildfires in Oakmont during 2022. The SEC proposal includes a manual of Best Management Practices for landscape installation and maintenance.

            In addition to the manual, SEC will provide fuel reduction assessments of the Highway 12 corridor and waterway corridors within Oakmont.

            The board, noting the need to set a positive tone in meeting with new residents, approved the formation of an Oakmont Welcome Committee to be chaired by Katy Carrel. The committee is formed “in a spirit of warm hospitality,” ensuring that newcomers receive key information, including business-donated coupons, discounts and advertisements.

            The board approved spending $20,000 to hire Kenwood Energy for technical assistance to the Oakmont Energy Resiliency Committee in applying to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a $550,000 Hazard Mitigation Grant for designing and planning the Oakmont Community Microgrid Project.

         The microgrid, which is in the early days of development, would operate during PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and furnish power for every building, home and business in Oakmont. It would generate electricity with Solar PV panels.