Oakmont Canine Club 9/15/2018

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Are You A Party Person? (& dog park updates)

  • by Randi Hulce

Do you like to plan parties and events? Well then we need you! The Canine Club is looking for a volunteer (or two) who would like to help plan social functions and speakers for future club activities. If you think you might be interested in being the clubs social director (or co-director, as this job lends itself to a job share well) we would love to hear from you! If you would like to find out more or try it out by working on the picnic committee, please send an email to membership@oakmontcanineclub.org

The club is also looking for two additional volunteers to be on the nominating committee. This committee is a great way to be involved in the club and meet other Oakmont “dog people” without making a long term commitment. The committee will start meetings in the fall to develop a slate of names to serve for 2 years as officers and directors of the Canine Club.

Not a member yet? Our club now has over 100 Oakmont dog lovers. Why not join? Membership forms are available in the Canine Club folder in the OVA office and can also be downloaded from our website. Why don’t you check out our website right now? www.oakmontcanineclub.org

What’s Happening With The Dog Park? … Yes! No! Maybe?

Yes – the OVA Board did approve the Greensward space near the Berger Center as a location for our temporary dog park. We now know that to move forward, city approval will be part of the process. Even for a temporary site, a city approved permit will be needed. The board and the ad hoc committee feel it may be smartest to go only once to the city for one permit – a permit for a permanent dog park. Therefore, the board is again reviewing options for a permanent location in Oakmont, so the time and cost of city permitting will only be incurred once. Stay tuned as our board and our committee work hard at finding a solution.


Canine Club 1-1-20

by Randi Hulce Happy 2020 the Year of the Dog Park! They Are Waiting Patiently For Their Dog Park- andthings are really moving along. Design

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by Randi Hulce Get Out Your New 2020 Calendar and Save the Dates January 29th – First club meeting for the New Year – East