Have things changed in your home this past year? Perhaps your spouse got a new diagnosis that is limiting their activities. Or maybe he or she is suddenly confused about events in the news, frequently mistaking the time, or bringing home items that don’t match the grocery list.

If you are finding yourself caring for your family member due to their having a physical/medical ailment or a cognitive impairment, you are not alone. The Oakmont Caregiver Support Group meets twice a month, and you are invited to join. The meetings are facilitated by Dorothy Foster, LMFT, a caregiving and dementia-care specialist.

Each meeting provides participants the opportunity to share experiences and resources, ask questions, and to feel not so alone. And that’s especially important after this year of COVID restrictions and distancing!

New topics arise with each meeting as new issues occur for participants: Where to find a good wheelchair. How to get a loved one to accept in-home care. How to respond when a spouse asks the same question for the fourth time. Participants share support and tips, along with humor, tears, frustrations, and success stories.

The group ordinarily meets in person. Due to the pandemic, we are currently meeting by conference call. Group members prefer this to Zoom because this low-tech option provides everyone the flexibility to be wherever they need to be for privacy.

Come join us! The Oakmont Caregiver Support Group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, 10:30 AM – noon. For further information or to find out how to dial in to the next meeting, contact Vickie Jackanich (707-595-3054) or Dorothy Foster, LMFT (707-793-2152).


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