Arts and Crafts Faire

2019 Craft Guild Faire
2019 Craft Guild Faire

Calling all Oakmont artists and craftspeople! It’s time to sign up for the 2nd annual Arts and Crafts Summer Faire. The date is June 25, and it will be held in the CAC parking lot under the solar panels. There will be food, music and all of our wonderful art and handiwork on display.
Follow the instructions on the form below to participate. You don’t want to miss this one!

Oakmont Art and Craft Faire
Saturday, June 25, 2022, 10am to 3pm
Participant Submission Form
This event is sponsored by the newly reconstituted Oakmont Craft Guild and is open to any Oakmont resident. The participation fee is $10. Like last year, it will be in the CAC parking lot, under and between the solar panels. Spaces measure approximately 22’ by 8’ as marked by existing parking space lines. You can bring whatever display material you have, including chairs, tables and display panels, providing you can transport them yourself and they fit within your assigned space. Any sales will be managed by the participant.

There are a limited number of both oblong and square tables provided free by the OVA, they are available by request on a first come, first served basis.

The Oakmont Art Association has a limited number of display panels available for rent at $10. Hooks will accompany the panel. You will be allotted one side and you must pay the fee directly to the OAA, by placing a check in their folder in the OVA office. For questions regarding these panels, please contact the Oakmont Art Association.

The deadline for entry is June 4. For more information, contact Carolita Carr at

Complete the form below and place it with your entry fee (a check made out to Oakmont Craft Guild) in the Craft Guild folder in the OVA office.




Check any item you need. OVA will place requested tables in your space.

I need one oblong table (approx. 2 ½ x 8)__________________

I need one square table (approx. 3 x 3)____________________

I need a display panel____________________ (You must have paid the rental fee to the OAA)

Signature: (By signing below, you certify that you are an Oakmont resident.)



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