Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne, PhD

[Aspiration- Ambition, hope of achieving something. Action of drawing breath.]

In Oakmont and across the United States we recently displayed the USA flag for the Memorial Day and Fourth of July commemorations. We pledge allegiance to the flag of a nation described as “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” an aspirational statement. The “more perfect Union” intended by our founders and focus of our Constitution is a work in progress.

We are divided by our different perspectives, based on diverse and distinct causes and conditions, experiences and circumstances. Yet we can aspire to live, love, work and play -if not united and indivisible- alongside each other in just and peaceful ways. Aren’t justice and peace worldwide human aspirations?

We propose here some aspirations along these lines. It may help to draw deep breaths as we read them.


May fear not deter us.
May sadness not discourage us.
May pessimism not defeat us.
May cynicism not deflate us.
May dissent not divide us.
May anger not destroy us.
May our words and wishes help, heal, help heal the harm, hate, hurt, heart.

May our attitudes and actions repair, restore, rebuild, reform, transform.
May trust and curiosity triumph over fear and territoriality.

May wisdom lead. May justice rule. May peace win.


May all live in peace.
May our peace not be displaced by anger turned into hatred.
May our hearts not be closed, or numbed, or hardened.

May we not lose our innocence, if with it we lose our optimism and faith in humanity.
May we not get confused by so-called truths and arbitrary distinctions between us.
May we not forget that we are all neighbors.

May we keep our shared light shining through the clouds, and the smoke, and the dogmas.
May it light the path for us. The large, all-inclusive US.

May we learn our lessons, so we don’t repeat historical faults and failings.
May our suffering be healed, and may we support each other in our grief.
May we be patient with ourselves and with each other, as we discover, uncover, manifest kindness, which leads to fairness, which leads to peace.

May we talk and walk and work towards justice in our government, truth in our media, restraint in our outrage, clarity in our vision, discernment in our choices, wisdom in our judgment, good faith in our efforts, and good will in our deals and dealings.

May then there be peace.

The USA is not “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” yet. But perhaps our shared values are strong enough. Hopefully the soil of our common ground is sufficiently fertile.
May our aspirations be met by intentions and actions, policies and Acts which propitiate and promote liberty and justice for all. One can only hope. And breathe, and act.

Do you have and hold similar aspirations? Contact Oakmont Standing for Justice club leaders Kathie Weston & Robin Jurs (, to unite with us in education, dialogue and civic action.


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