At-a-Glance Summary of July 21 OVA Board actions

By Harriet Palk


     -Appointed Steve Spillman chair of the Oakmont Community Development Committee:  

  –Named Malka Osserman to the Volunteer Resource Committee.

Named Lesli Lee to the Firewisse Resource committee.

Changed name of the AV Coordinators Club to Oakmont AV Tech Team.


            Long Range Planning:  Roll-out of Oakmont 2030 continues to be a major focus. LRPC is reviewing and making recommendations for updating its charter.  The LRPC strongly urges the Board to reconsider July 2019 recommendations of th the Bylaws Committee and recommends reopening updating the OVA bylaws.

            Community Education and Transparency:  Has formed the Volunteer Resource Committee and Welcome Committee to streamline what is offered to new residents and those wishing to do volunteer work in Oakmont. The CETC is Working to watch out for residents who live alone and may or may not have computers.

            CommunicationsWorking with Colin Hannigan on putting the Oakmont member directory online. The process will require new member passwords. The on-line directory can be updated regularly as members turn in new information. Printed copies would be available in the office for those without computers. CC is looking into printing copies of the pull-out Oakmont map that has been included in the directory.

OAKMONT 2030    

A community-driven conversation about Oakmont’s future that will create a vision for a thriving, livable and sustainable place for current and future generations.  The kick-off Town Hall Forum will be on Wednesday, June 29, from 1:00 – 3:00 at the Berger Center. Details of the initiative will be discussed and sign-up sheets for meetings will be available.

NEW AD HOC COMMITTEE: Created the Emergency Evacuation Policy and Coordination Committee to assess evacuation of residents during a disaster with members to be selected by President Jess Marzak.

BERGER AV SCREEN: Approved replacing the deteriorating screen at a cost of up to $14,000.

DIRECTOR JEFF YOUNG: Resigned effective immediately due to health issues.