Jim Brewer

Jim Brewer

OVA Bylaws Change Vote is Off For Now

            The OVA Board stepped back from holding a community vote on whether to reduce quorum requirements for changing Association bylaws, concluding that the issue was

New Update: COVID-19 Scare At Oakmont Gardens

All residents and staff at the Oakmont Gardens were retested for COVID-19 the week of July 6 after eight residents and one staff member turned up positive.
Eight Gardens residents have been in self-quarantine since…

It’s Official: Golf Courses on the Market

The OVA Boad will hold a town hall on golf following its regular Tuesday, April 16 meeting. The town hall is expected to start around 3 p.m., President Steve Spanier said April 5.

Golf Update: Subsidy Out

VP Kendrick tells OVA Board that direct subsidy of OGC isn’t in the cards, a committee is looking at other ways to support the club.