Lap Swim

Lap Swim

We are a web site based group of year round lap swimmers who support swimming as a sport, workout and lifestyle. Our website is our connection to fellow enthusiasts, to discuss pool/swim issues, report problems/repairs to Maintenance staff, i.e.: light bulbs, drains, etc. There are no scheduled meetings, only occasional gatherings Meeting Details: East Rec Center Pool No scheduled meetings Occasional gatherings No fees Contact Information: Melissa Bowers, 539-9089 Nancy and John Crosby secondary contact 477-6013

Lap Swim 8-15-2019

Good to the Last LapFive Weeks of Safety, Sharing and Communicating: As we all know by now, the children will be using the east pool for

Lap Swim Club (5/1/2019)

“Are we there yet? Dad! Mom! Are we there yet?” That famous familiar question we lap swimmers are wondering. Or how about this one in

Lap Swim Club (4/1/2019)

Good to the Last Lap! Since August 27th we faithful, dedicated, East Pool lap swimmers have immigrated offshore to the Central and West pools,; and some folks

Lap Swim Club (3/15/2019)

Good to the Last Lap!   Halfway through the Lion and the Lamb month and one more week to Spring! Wetter than who weeks hopefully

Lap Swim

Are you reading about the East Rec’s remodel progress? It’s going to be beautiful!  I can’t wait yet know not to hold my breath!  We

Lap Swim Club (2/1/2019)

The Rain Dance last issue worked! Gosh, maybe too much! When swimming the top few inches can be chilly, plus, on windy days the staff cannot

Lap Swim Club (1/15/2019)

Let it rain, let it rain..PLEASE…let it rain…  It won’t bother us, we’re already wet.  From the swimmers’ perspective, the sparkling raindrops are like diamonds

Good To The Last Lap

Melissa Bowers “Baby, it’s cold outside!”  Dang, if Old Man Winter hasn’t arrived! Grab your 2019 New Year Resolutions and re-read them…make certain you’ve kept

Lap Swim (12/15/2018)

Good to the Last Lap ! First the smoke, then the cleansing rain and still the cooler water temps at the Central Pool. At today’s