Back To School, Back To Basics

Back to School, Back to Basics -John Phillips
It seems that with all that has been going on for the last two ½ years, we have forgotten how some things work around the Fitness Center. Now seems to be a great time to get back to the basics. What does that mean? This is a reminder of some of the things that are provided by the Fitness Center to all Oakmont residents.
One thing is the Orientations that I provide every other Monday at 4:30 p.m. and Friday at 10:00 a.m. During the Orientation, I point out highlights of the Fitness Center: i.e. where the wipes are kept for cleaning the machines, rules for the Fitness Center listed on a big board over the water fountain, where you can find the AED, and that there is a phone available for use to call 911 with a card above that has the Fitness Centers address.
You will get a workout card that lists all the select-a-weight machines that are in the middle of the Fitness Center. These machines are numbered 1 – 11. The card can help keep track of your progress and is a way of keeping track of the settings of the machines. I will have you try out the machine so that you can get a feel of the muscles that you should be working. I will show six of those machines, #1 Leg Press, #3 Leg Curl, #4 Abdominals, #6 Low Back, #9 Chest Press, #10 or #11 Seated Row. These machines will provide a full body workout. I do request that you sign up for the Orientation as I limit the number to 6 so that we can get through the process in about an hour. You may sign up by completing a form located just below the board of scheduled dates for Orientation and Seminars.
The second item that is provided to everyone are the Seminars. These are anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes, depending on participation. They are every Tuesday at 12 and Thursday at 3.
Below is a list of the subjects covered:
Upper Back Vibration Plate Lower Back
Balance Chest Posture/Core
Legs Stability Balls Shoulders
Stretching Abdominals Cable Crossover
These are designed to help you develop a workout that you can enjoy and introduce you to alternative ways of working out.
If you have any questions about this or any fitness issue, please feel free to contacting me by email, call/text 707-494-9086, or stop by the center and take a look for yourself. Remember, if you want to join the Fitness Club you may do so by paying $30 per year. The Fitness Club board works very hard to make the fitness center a great place. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Center.


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