Ball Dropped This New Year’s Eve

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Since 1904, party goers have welcomed each new year by celebrating the Ball Drop in Times Square. Around the world, revelers bid adieu to the end of one year and embrace the new of the next. In 2020, this symbol for hope and optimism was silent. No tourists huddled together. Instead of being united at Times Square Ball Drop the world was covid-connected and quiet. Not since WWII brown-outs of 1942 and 1943 has there been reason to cancel the live, in person extravaganza.

Though January 2021 will still see Oakmont exercisers on Zoom, fitness leader JoRene will continue to be “on the ball.” Her play lists and exercise sets continue to keep students entertained and energized. Her enthusiasm and positive comments are a celebration each and every class. Class participant Nancy says, “OHI classes are a blessing, both in making new friends in Oakmont and staying connected via Zoom this year. JoRene makes everyone glad they made the effort! And no matter what the exercise, you feel so good afterward!”

A friend says, “There are two kinds of people in this world: those who drop balls and those who keep them in the air.”

Your choice!


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