Balloting Underway in OVA Board Election

A month of voting for four seats on the Oakmont board of directors will formally end on April 4 when results are announced at the annual membership meeting. The meeting begins at 10 a.m. in the Berger Center. Ballots were sent to homes on March 2. 

When the OVA was founded as a homeowners association nearly six decades ago, its bylaws dictated that each house was allowed one vote, regardless of how many owners were registered at that address.

“If you share a ballot with a co-owner, approach voting as you do anything else on the long list of decisions you make together (like the color of your house) and collaborate,” OVA President Tom Kendrick said at the March 15 board meeting. 

The one-house-one-vote system has generated more than a few complaints from among the hundreds of newer residents who are used to the one-person-one-vote concept. But efforts to amend the bylaws have gone nowhere over the years because it would require one more than half of eligible voters to agree. 

“Amendments to the OVA bylaws require approval by at least half of all potential votes – that means over 1,600 votes,” Kendrick said, pointing out that “this number of “yes” votes exceeds the TOTAL number of ballots submitted in nearly every past election.” (See Kendrick’s president’s report in this issue).

This year, three board incumbents and three challengers are competing for the four seats. Board members Jess Marzak, Wayne Van Bockern and Jeff Neuman are facing challenges from Iris Harrell, Marianne Neufeld and Ken Smith. Kendrick is completing his second term and is not eligible to run. 

Directors whose terms continue are Heidi Klyn, Jeff Young and Mark Randol.