Jean-michel Poulnot leading the traditional singing of La Marseillaise at the 2019 Bastille Day celebration.
Jean-michel Poulnot leading the traditional singing of La Marseillaise at the 2019 Bastille Day celebration.

The annual Bastille Day celebration, canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, will kick off on Bastille Day, Wednesday, July 14, at 9:30 am at the Pétanque Courts with registration for the Bastille Day Tournament (melée format: randomly assigned teams). The Tournament, the club’s first of 2021, is limited by the capacity of the courts to the first 18 registrants. Play begins at 10:00 am and winners will be announced at the conclusion.
At approximately noon, Club member Jean-michel Poulnot will lead the traditional singing of La Marseillaise. Following the singing, a 25th anniversary club photo will be taken with the new club banner. All club members, whether or not they played in the tournament, are invited to the celebration and encouraged to be in the group photo.
A potluck lunch, to which all club members and significant others are invited, will begin at approximately 12:30 pm. Bring your own beverage, chairs, and a lunch dish to share. Plates and utensils will be provided.

When “pointing” in pétanque, the objective is to throw the boule close to the cochonnet (jack), preferably – in most cases – close and in front. Players quickly learn that if they aim to hit the cochonnet, their throws will be predictably long. Instead, the pointer determines and aims for a landing spot for the throw (donnée) that will result in the boule rolling up to and resting near the cochonnet. Depending on the arc of the throw and its speed, the best donnée is usually between 1/3 and 2/3 of the distance from the circle to the cochonnet.
When the court is hard, relatively smooth and fast, however, what normally would seem to be a good landing spot still sends the boule rolling beyond the cochonnet. A simple adjustment can solve this problem. Imagine the cochonnet is resting at some point nearer than its actual distance from the throwing circle, and aim at the best donnée for that nearer position.

The Club encourages all Oakmonters who may be interested in playing or learning to play pétanque (pay-tonk’) to come to the courts (between Berger and the OVA offices beside the Shuffleboard courts) at 9:45 am on the Club play days of Wednesday and Saturday. We have boules to lend, the game is easy to learn, and you’ll be playing right away. Anyone interested, regardless of experience, is welcome to join in. No Club membership fees are required – just sign up to be on the Club roster. Club play days are casual friendly games with teams randomly assigned. The courts are also reserved 10 am – noon for Club player-arranged pickup games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

2019 Bastille Day Tourney winners: Jim Knapp, Jim Tosio & Don McPherson (first); Nancy LaPorte, Linda McPherson & Jean-michel Poulnot (second).

Jean-michel Poulnot leading the traditional singing of La Marseillaise in 2019.


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