Beautiful People Wear Ugly Sweaters on December 15

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Holidays are here, ready or not. Some folks are ready: presents are purchased or handcrafted, wrapped and sent. These are the people who’ve decorated with wreaths, trees and trimmings. They have parties planned and dinners prepared. Guess you could call them Ready.

Their not-so-ready friends are trimming back on the presents, cards and parties. Perhaps these people are also ready, just on another level. One could also call them Ready.

When winter weather calls for sweaters, holiday exercise classes call for ugly sweaters. That leads to a contest: The Annual Ugly Sweater Contest. Laughs are generated. Creativity is praised. All sweater wearers will receive massive admiration and noteworthy applause! Lastly, there will be a photo op enabling family historians to enjoy decades from now.

Most sweaters are removed before or shortly after beginning the exercises; JoRene knows no mercy! Following her thrice weekly sessions is to create your own body heat. (Exception to three classes a week: no class on the second Friday of each month.)

Regardless of season, these exercise sessions create energy and a zestfulness otherwise difficult to achieve during winter days of cold-ish weather and indoor surroundings. Class member Donna sums up the question, “How do you motivate yourself when your motivation is zilch?” She confesses, “I tell myself I’ll be able to eat more later if I go to class now.”

A present to yourself: health, vigor and vitality. Come to class ready to move: appropriate shoes, mat and free weights (provided if necessary,) water for hydration. If you’ve been away from aerobics for a while, best to check with your doctor before beginning.


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David Burnham was last seen on Broadway in the mega-hit musical, “Wicked”, playing Fiyero, a role that he originated in the developmental workshops of the show.