Beavers: The Perfect Animal for Valentine’s Day

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Heidi Perryman

Happy Valentine’s Day! And the perfect animals to celebrate it are beavers. Why? They mate happily for life. And not only is that kind of cool, but they are also a “keystone” animal. When these resilient critters aren’t around, the ecology doesn’t work right; when they are around, life thrives. Beavers are unsung heroes that helped shape our country in more ways than one. Heidi Perryman, an “accidental beaver advocate”, will charm us with her fascination for these amazing animals.

Heidi Perryman is a child psychologist who became an ‘accidental’ beaver advocate when a family of beavers moved into her hometown creek. She started the non-profit ‘Worth A Dam’ to defend the beavers in Martinez – along the way becoming interested in helping other cities learn how and why it is important for us to co-exist with these important animals. Since 2008 she has organized an annual beaver festival and taught others about their key role in the ecosystem. Beavers are especially needed in this state as their dams increase biodiversity and offer protection to our dwindling salmon population. As California faces ever more drought years and fire events, Heidi believes it is essential to live peacefully with these important ‘water-savers’.