Before You Replace Fencing Damaged in the Fire Along Highway 12

OVA is requesting that all residents directly affected by fire-damaged fencing consult the OVA Architecture office before taking action and NOT rush to replace wooden fences lost in the fire.

More information about fencing options will be available at the virtual OVA BOD meeting next Tuesday, October 20 at 1 p.m. There will be for an update on fencing progress and alternatives. See connecting information below.

· OVA staff is obtaining bids for temporary rental fencing for properties along Highway 12 to protect those sections where fencing was lost. We are looking at chain link fencing with visual barriers.

· OVA is also investigating fencing alternatives that will better protect Oakmont from grass and brush fires originating across Highway 12. Wildfire protection professionals advise that wooden fences increase fire hazards to our properties and homes. There are several commercial products that provide impressive fire resistance in wildfire emergencies. Additionally, fire-resistant fencing will last much longer than wood fencing, and it can also provide sound attenuation, which may be of particular value to homeowners experiencing traffic noise from Hwy 12.

· OVA is also investigating how Oakmont can better protect itself from fires spreading in our direction elsewhere along our lengthy perimeter.

ZOOM Webinar and Video Teleconferencing

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Potential for Debris

Keep phones on and charged, flashlights nearby, and blankets handy. Potential for debris in areas near the Glass Fire scar. Please be sure to keep

Sonoma County Stay At Home Order

Sonoma County has announced a stay at home order which you may read here: This order does not prohibit outdoor activities and OVA’s outdoor facilities,

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