Beginner or Returning Golfer? Start Here!

Valley of the Moon Tuesday Women’s Golf

Have you driven by the golf course and marveled at the tree-lined green of the fairways? Have you wondered how to enjoy that beauty while adding activity and fun to your day? Whether you are a beginner or returning golfer, the women of the Valley of the Moon Tuesday Women’s Golf are excited to help you enjoy the beauty of Oakmont’s golf courses, practice your skills, and join in the social aspects of golf.
Where do you begin? We interviewed Chapman Dundas, head golf professional for Oakmont Golf Clubs for the information you need. Chapman has been a golf professional for twenty-four years, sixteen years here in Sonoma County. He is a great resource.
His first piece of advice is to realize that a typical round of golf lasts about four hours during which you are in the act of golfing (taking your practice swing, striking the ball) a very short amount of that time. The vast majority of those four hours are spent interacting with your fellow golfers and enjoying the fresh air. So, try to approach golf primarily as a healthy social activity to reduce your anxiety around being THE “beginner”. Every golfer was once a beginner. They’ve just had lots more practice! We all once feared making rookie mistakes–and still do! Just remember, golf wouldn’t be golf without the errant shots and missed putts! So, Chapman recommends finding a golf friend or low-pressure group to begin. More about that later.
Chapman’s second piece of advice is to become comfortable with the facilities—again, to reduce anxiety. How do I check in; is there a driving range/practice green and how do I access them; how do I sign up for private lessons or clinics? Stop in the club house and ask questions. Everyone is very helpful and will get you the answers you need. Regarding lessons whether private or in a clinic setting, contact Chapman Dundas (707) 539-0415. He will be arranging late afternoon clinics soon and private lessons can be scheduled with him.
You’ve gained some confidence and are ready to give it a try. You’ve become acquainted with the course facilities and gotten a lesson or two under your belt. Now to find that golf group or friend with whom to play and, as importantly, enjoy the social interactions with fellow golfers. VOMTWG welcomes you to join us on Tuesday mornings. Golfers will need a handicap index to join our club but don’t let that stop you. If you plan to join us but don’t have an index, we will guide you through the process. The months of June and July have been designated as guest months during which you may play and establish an index without first joining the club. If you need a handicap index but do not plan to join the club, pick up the required form at the club house and ask for assistance.
The VOMTWG hopes to hear from you whether you want to join our club immediately or participate in our summer guest opportunity. For more information, please email club captain Joy Bellomo at


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