Berger, CAC Back on OVA Agenda

            Oakmont will return to planning for the future of the Central Area at a Feb. 4 Board Town Hall meeting in the Berger Center, a principal focus of those plans, beginning at 1 p.m.

            OVA Vice President Tom Kendrick noted OVA’s “extensive overall discussions” about the Berger, CAC and other area amenities were interrupted by the 2017 fires and evacuation.

            Since, OVA focused on the now-complete remodeling of the East Recreation Center. “It’s time to resume planning for the Central OVA Complex,” Kendrick said. The new effort will seek to take advantage of earlier research.

            It will start with “a Phase One Project Framing Workshop,” viewed with what was learned from the East Rec “Project Lookback.”

            There will be a review of proposals and recommendations based on studies conducted in 2017, along with:

  • A summary of recent surveys and other efforts by the Long Range Planning Committee,
  • A review of current and planned work (CAC pool resurfacing, solar and power resiliency projects, etc.) by the Building Construction Committee.
  • An outline of plans for completing Phase 1 opportunity documents, and summary of the process for defining potential alternatives for Phase 2, and
  • An open forum for community input and feedback.