Per Sonoma County orders, no more than 12 people, all wearing masks, may be present in any single room within OVA facilities.
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Berger Refresh Approved; Cost up to $110K

            The OVA will spend up to $110,000 to refresh Berger Center with new paint, lighting and electrical upgrades, automated room-darkening shades, a new stage curtain and repairs to sliding partitions and doors.

            The work, which Director Noel Lyons called “long overdue,” was unanimously approved Aug. 17. Association General Manager Kimberly Rowland said the changes will give Berger “a more modern appearance” and begin “in the very near future.”    

            The cost estimates are $17,000 for the painting, $32,000 for lighting and electrical upgrades, $43,000 for shades,  $4,000 for repairs and a $14,000 contingency that includes the stage curtain. President Tom Kendrick said the funds will come from the Asset Replacement Fund.

            The board unanimously approved spending up to $200,000 at the West Recreation Center to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, to repair a sewer line beneath the building and to repair broken fencing above the tennis courts. The timing of the work is dictated by the he facility being currently shut down for repairs of water damage caused by a faulty sprinkler head.

            The board voted to discontinue the printed Community Directory and Resource Guide, which lists addresses and phone numbers of Oakmont residents, and replace it with an on-line directory on the OVA website. Paper copies will be available at no cost at the OVA office.

            The Communications Committee recommended the on-line directory after the firm that had been creating and printing the directory couldn’t continue. The committee concluded that OVA would not want to spend the $25,000 to $30,000 it would cost to do the job in house. The on-line directory would be protected by a firewall, making it available only to Oakmont residents, who could opt out of the directory. There is a possibility of including email addresses in future directories.

            Rowland said an additional advantage of an online directory is that it can be kept current with periodic updates, whereas the previous directory was only updated annually.

            The board approved forming an Oakmont Volunteer Committee to welcome, support and recognize on an ongoing basis all volunteers serving Oakmont. The committee will create a database to enroll, refer and follow up with those wishing to volunteer and groups seeking volunteers.          


Gardens New Owners Have Big Plans

            Oakmont Gardens is now under new ownership and with it will come some significant changes, both inside and outside.              Life Care Services ( LCS) of

Firewise: New Focus

            The OVA Board has approved a new charter changing the name and focus of the Firewise Safety Committee from compliance to “wanting to be of service

Fire Wise Fair: Rock Stars at Oakmont

Neill Ray                   Oakmont’s Fire Wise Fair promoted rocks over fauna and flora as the new star in landscaping that can reduce the risk of loss