David “The Beloved,” whose strength and courage made him the second and greatest king over Israel.
David: the youngest son of Jesse, who was the son of Obed, grandson of Boaz and Ruth; the woman who became an ancestress of David through her second marriage. [Yes, second marriage is mentioned in the Bible.]

During a time difficulty with King Saul, David honored his father and mother by taking them to the king of Moab for protection. Moab’s boundaries were on the west by the Dead Sea ,on the east by the desert and on the north, the Arnon river. After securing his parents safety, David went into nomadic exile.

2 Samuel 5:4 tells that David was thirty years old when he became King; where he reigned for forty years, and verse five says he reigned over all Israel [The people of the promise] and Judah for thirty three years. This is a story of worship and obedience; the divine covenant with The House of David.

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