Billiard 8-15-2019

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Gerome T. Thomas

Wielding an undersized 14 oz. pool cue with the same feathery touch that a Toscanini or Picasso maneuvered their delicate implements, Gerome T. “aka Jerry” Thomas is a snooker maestro. A self taught player, Jerry defies the laws of geometry and physics as he deftly maneuvers his cue ball around the green felt with measured style and grace. Snooker, a 19th century British Army invention that served to equally amuse and mentally antagonize the troops stationed in India, is the billiard equivalent of a “chess match” in the manipulative strategy employed against the opposition.

“I had never played any type of pool in my life. When I first arrived in Oakmont 20 years ago I discovered that we had a gorgeous pool hall at the West Rec Center with five tables (three snooker and two pool) that was very underutilized. The few resident members who did play there, unfortunately, were slow to welcome me into the fold so I was forced to teach myself how to play.” He soon discovered that the analytical skills and mental acuity that served him well in over 30 years as an IRS Special Agent transferred easily to learning, and mastering, the game of snooker. “You know, as much as I love to shoot pool, my greatest joy is the friendship and camaraderie that I experience with the Billiard Club. I’ve witnessed the interest in billiards here in Oakmont grow tremendously in the past two to three years since the formation and evolution of our Club. I truly encourage any resident who thinks they might be interested in playing to come down to our pool hall and meet everyone. I guarantee you won’t find a more sociable, fun loving group of people”.

That sums it up beautifully. Drop by and meet Jerry and the rest of the gang every Monday and Friday from 1:00 to 4:00. We play a variety of games (“snooker, 8 ball, 9 ball, cut throat, six pocket, saratoga, etc.”) and host a different tournament every other month with all skill levels involved. We are happy to provide friendly instruction “at your convenience” to newcomers or veterans looking to sharpen their skills. Remember: no dues and guaranteed fun “or your money back”! Further information on the Oakmont Billiard Club can be obtained from Steve Dieterle @ (860) 502-4164 or myself @ 880-9279. Rack em’ up!



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