Billiard Club 12-15-2019

Barbara Pascal

When Barbara joined our Billiard Club nearly two years ago, one of the first things she noticed upon entering the pool room was that, at least on that particular day, she was the only girl there. That realization brought back a flood of memories to a similar situation in her childhood home in Fairfield, Connecticut when she was only eight years old. “Well, one cold afternoon I stumbled down to my Daddy’s basement, and there he was with all my brothers and their friends shooting pool. At first they seemed annoyed by my presence. However, I must have been a good influence on their behavior because shortly after Daddy rewarded me with my own “short” pool cue to play with. When the boys weren’t playing, I practiced every chance I had”. Thus began her love of shooting pool, a game she shared with her two daughters and husband David. “Between the time constraints and responsibilities of school, a career, and raising two kids, I didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked over the years. But once I discovered your Club, (unlike when I was little) I was warmly welcomed and encouraged by all the members. It’s been a truly fun and rewarding experience for me”. And the fate of that tiny cue? “Oh who knows, it’s probably stashed somewhere up in my brother’s attic”. No worries Barbara, we have over thirty pool cues to choose from, plus eight new Brunswick sticks on order for shooting on our three refurbished pool tables and snooker table. In addition to Barbara, our Club has a sizeable number of women members who’ve joined and enjoy the camaraderie and fun this great game has provided for us. We meet every Monday and Friday from 1:00-4:00 for member play. Open hours are Monday-Sunday from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. The pool hall is located at the East Rec Center just under the upper pool deck. Contact Steve Dieterle @ (707) 282-9117 or email for more information. And when you stop by, have Barbara show you her beautiful watercolor painting a d j a c e n t t o t h e p o olh all t h a t t h e O V A h u n g u p d u rin g t h e E a s t R e c C e n t e r r e d e v elo p m e n t.



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