Billiards Club “Mel Ehlers Walk Off” 9 Ball Tournament

The Billiards Club has just completed its third tournament since reopening after Covid19 shutdown!

The “Mel Ehlers Walk Off” Nine Ball Tournament was held on Thursday November 4th.

Just intime for the tournament. OVA adjusted their wearing masks mandate for indoors. It allowed a small group of individuals who know each other and have confirmed amongst themselves that they all have been fully vaccinated for COVID19 could decide for themselves whether to go masked or unmasked. We are slowly getting closer to normal!
This tournament and the next Snooker tournament (Nov 15th) are in memory of Mel Ehlers, a longtime resident of Oakmont and was a true patriarch of the game. Everyone enjoyed his cheerful presence and storying telling about all his hiking adventures. He walked many of the streets in Oakmont Village as well as hiked every mountain trail in the area. He was still a contender at 92 years old and won a nine ball tournament championship back in March, 2019 against Oakmont’s best. Mel passed away peacefully at home on July 29,2020. So, lets raise a glass of cheer to Mel because we miss him, but celebrate the fact that we had the chance to know him.

Eight ball and nine ball require different skills and strategies to play each game. Of course, you still need to be able to put the object ball into the pocket to win. Some people are better at eight ball and others at nine ball. There were many skilled nine ball players and many competitive matches played. Terry Brown skipped into the final match by putting the nine ball in on the break in the semifinals! For golfers, it’s like making a hole in one!

As it turned out, Michael James showed he has all the necessary skills to play both games at the highest level. He previously won the eight ball tournament championship back in August and he out played Terry Brown in the final match, to add a nine ball tournament championship to his trophy list.

Congratulations to Michael James and all of the tournament’s participants in making this a successful event and fun afternoon.

Steve Dieterle
Oakmont Billiards Club Steering Committee