Billiards Club “Mel Ehlers Walk Off” Snooker Tournament

Oakmont Billiards Club “Mel Ehlers Walk Off” Snooker Tournament

The Billiards Club has just completed its fourth tournament since reopening after Covid19 shutdown!
The “Mel Ehlers Walk Off” Snooker Tournament was held on Monday November 15th. Snooker, a 18thcentury British invention flourished in the tiny enclaves of England. Its unique oversized table, smaller pockets, and smaller balls require special skills, strategy and solid understanding of the many complex rules to be able to play the game.
This Oakmont Snooker tournament and the previous nine ball tournament (Nov 4th) is being held in memory of Mel Ehlers. He was a long-time resident of Oakmont and was a true patriarch of the game of Snooker. As a young teenager growing up in Nebraska, he played his first game of Snooker and became hooked, and never looked back. It became his favorite pool game. Mel passed away peacefully at home on July 29,2020. So, lets raise a glass of English Pub Ale to Mel because we miss him, but celebrate the fact that we had the chance to know him and play Snooker with him.
A Snooker game may take twice or three times as long to play then a typical eight ball or nine ball game of pool, which makes holding a one-day tournament of several players almost impossible. The table here at Oakmont is 10 foot long and five foot wide. The typical feelings of an eight/nine ball player moving over to the Snooker table with its tiny pockets becomes a feeling of complete frustration, and then finally, exhilaration when the player makes his first ten foot long shot into the tiny corner pocket. There is a core group of six to ten players that show up on Mondays and Fridays to try out their snooker skills on this challenging table.
For this tournament a special two team format was used to allow six players to play up to four total games as team members, but more importantly as a single player for this one day tournament. Ultimately the player who scored the most points individually while playing on a two-man team, will win the tournament. Oakmont snooker players know that some days you got it and some days you don’t. Well, Terry Brown turned out to be that player who “got it” today! Vern Dahl was runner up. Included in this article are two pictures. The first shows the winner Terry Brown on the left and the runner up Vern Dahl on the right. The second is the tournament stats which includes the total points scored by each player over the 4 game tournament.
Congratulations to Terry Brown, and all of the tournament’s participants in making this a successful event and fun afternoon.

Steve Dieterle
Oakmont Billiards Club Steering Committee


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