Board: Elnoka in Spotlight Again

Even though the size of the Elnoka development along Highway 12 has been reduced by 60 percent, OVA may not get behind it unless the city considers fire safety and exit routes that are priorities for the community, OVA President Jess Marsak said at the Aug. 16 board meeting.            

“It would be completely unacceptable to Oakmont and a slap in the face if fire evacuation  issues are not addressed,” Marsak added.  Other members of the ad hoc committee are Pat Barley, Steve Spillman, Katy Carrel and Iris Harrell. 


Reporting for the Golf Advisory Committee, Alan McLintock said the drought and high gas prices have reduced rounds played at Valley of the Moon courses, but there is optimism for the future.  CourseCo Inc . is voluntarily complying with the city’s 20% cut in water use. It  expects to spend $500,000 by year end on deferred maintenance and other upgrades. A new chef is in place but having enough serving staff continues to be a challenge. The report sparked a discussion about The Oak restaurant and a place for coffee requested by Oakmont 2030 participants. 


The appointment of Susan Lee and Gary Tucker as two non-voting members to assist the Architectural Committee with inspections was approved. Christel clarified the rule limiting rock to 15 percent of landscaping, noting it does not apply to the zero- to-five feet defensive zone specified in Firewise policies. Residents can also use rock as mulch but other landscape elements such as plants need to be used with it.

The Board approved an updated Committee Policy which focuses on the role of board members who attend committee meetings. They cannot vote and are prohibited from exercising undue influence during committee deliberations. Herm Herman, a former BOD member and standing committee chair, argued against allowing board members to participate in standing committees.

Also accepted was a modification to the Manager’s Procurement & Purchasing Policy requiring OVA’s General Manager to sign or approve all contracts. The policy defines a “preferred vendor” as one who has performed well before in Oakmont and offers competitive pricing and craftsmanship. Also addressed were the advantages of a design/build approach when preliminary budgeting is needed as design plans are developed. 

The Oakmont Building Construction Committee charter will now require a design professional to review materials or colors used in repair, renovation, or new construction. 

In its final action, the board approved cancelling AT&T billing for internet associated with a non-functioning camera on the roof of McBride Realty that was installed in 201