Board Hears Update On Dog Park in Oakmont

Al Haggerty

Building a permanent dog park in Oakmont may hinge on whether the Oakmont Golf Club will allow the use of a piece of golf course property for the park. And that issue will be part of continuing discussions on whether OVA will provide the OGC with financial aid.

The issue was outlined by Paula Lewis, chair of the Dog Park Committee, who told the June 19 meeting of the OVA Board of Directors that a golf course site next to the Quail Inn is the only viable, long-term solution.

Steve Spanier, board president, said the question of whether the OGC should receive financial assistance from the OVA “is getting closer to being answered.” He said OVA will provide “insight into our discussions and current thinking” at a July 10 town hall.

Lewis suggested that, in the meantime, a temporary dog park be set up on the lawn area between Berger Center and Oakmont Drive. She said the site has a lawn, irrigation, parking and access to east and west Oakmont and Oakmont Gardens. She urged the board to ”stand up to naysayers.” “We’ve been patient,” she added. “We hope this can fly.”

One resident questioned the proposal to set up a temporary dog park without knowing when a permanent site will be found. Other issues raised include landscapers’ reluctance to mow grass littered with feces and insurance coverage.


         Spanier read a letter he has written to City Manager Sean McGlynn that OVA “is adamantly opposed” to any route in the city’s updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan “that would pass through Oakmont.” The update is currently under way.

“OVA is a tranquil residential community consisting of seniors, many of whom have balance and mobility issues, auditory and visual limitations and slower reaction times,” Spanier wrote. “Cyclists passing through Oakmont, especially groups of cyclists, not only disrupt our tranquility. They create a serious safety issue. To intentionally route cyclists through a senior community and place them in close proximity to seniors on a regular basis is irresponsible and dangerous to all concerned.”


         Oakmont residents will be given an opportunity to get answers from OVA to frequently asked questions. “Many of these are excellent questions,” Spanier said, “and we believe the community would benefit from seeing answers in a public place.” On an experimental basis at first, he said, a page will be added to the OVA website offering “our best current answers.”

Because some answers may be fluid as more information is available and better thinking arises, answers will be updated to reflect changes. “We hope and believe this will add to the transparency you need and we want to provide,” Spanier said.