Board: Masking Rule Lifted

                    The Oakmont Village Association has lifted mask mandates and restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

            The OVA Board voted unanimously Feb. 15 to follow county orders to drop masking and gathering restrictions with certain caveats. The unvaccinated still must wear masks and those over 65 with underlying conditions are encouraged, but not required, to continue masking. Also it was noted that masking won’t be discouraged. One board member noted that he will be wearing a mask at his next trip to Costco.

     Later, OVA said that all clubs, committees, and other groups were free to impose masking and attendance restrictions beyond those set by OVA. Although OVA has lifted masking requirements in facilities, Sundari Mase, MD, Sonoma County health officer, issued the following advice in a recent media conference:  “Residents, particularly seniors over the age of 65 with underlying health conditions and people who have not yet been boosted or vaccinated, are encouraged to avoid large gatherings and continue wearing masks indoors around people outside their household.”


            Board President Tom Kendrick focused his message on the upcoming board elections, which will put four new members on the board April 4. The six candidates, whom he described as “highly qualified,” include current board members Jess Marzak, Wayne Van Bockern and Jeff Neuman. They are facing challenges from Iris Harrell, Marianne Neufeld and Ken Smith. Directors whose terms continue are Heidi Klyn, Jeff Young and Mark Randol.

            Kendrick said he is “very grateful that during my couple of terms on the board I have worked with an unbroken string of intelligent, experienced, diligent and polite OVA officers and board members. It’s been a pleasure to have worked with each and every one of them over the past four years.”

            Marzak, an Oakmont homeowner for 36 years and full-time resident for seven, was appointed to the board in May, 2019 and elected to a full two-year term in 2020.Van Bockern, an Oakmont resident since 2007, has served on several Oakmont committees, including the Building Construction and Energy Resilience committees. Neuman, a three-year resident, was appointed to the board last October to fill the seat vacated by Noel Lyons. He has been active in several committees and serves on the Oakmont Symposium board.

            Harrell, a resident since 2015, heads the volunteer Building Construction Committee and the Firewise Committee. She has managed the design, permits and construction of several major Oakmont projects. Neufeld, a 17-year resident, was an Oakmont director for three years and was board liaison to and before that active on the Architecture and the Landscape committees.

            Smith, a resident since 2015, served three years on the Aspen Meadows Home Owners Association board and is currently chair of Oakmont’s Energy Resiliency Committee. He is also on the Building Construction Committee.

            A candidate forum will be held Feb. 23 at Berger Center with both in-person and live stream audiences. Candidates will have time to answer audience questions, which can be submitted by Feb. 18 to Candidate statements are appearing in the Oakmont NewsFeb. 26 and March 12.

            Voting is by mail, though ballots may be turned in at the annual members meeting at Berger Center on April 4 starting at 10 a.m. Votes are counted there and results announced at the new board’s organizational meeting, starting at 1 p.m. that day.

            The election officially begins when ballots are mailed to members in early March.


            The board unanimously approved spending up to $93,000 on three separate projects, including repairs to the East and West Recreation Center tennis courts, the East Rec locker room and cabinets in the Central Activity Center’s Room B.

            The bid from Adams Resurfacing, Santa Rosa, was $39,600 to resurface the four tennis courts at the West Rec and $19,800 to resurface the two East Rec courts. The board approved spending up to $60,000 on both projects. All the courts have cracks and other defects. 

            Nordby Construction bid $12,527 to replace water damaged baseboards in the East Rec locker rooms with waterproof tile and $11,239 to replace cabinetry below a sink in the corner room in Room B of the CAC. A plumbing leak damaged the cabinets.

The board put a $29,000 limit on the two jobs.