Board Opening Coming With Lyons’ Exit

(File photo by Julie Kiil)

Oakmont News Staff

            OVA Director Noel Lyons has announced his intention to resign in mid-October, and the board is inviting applicants to replace him in a vote expected at its October board meeting.

            Lyons is serving his third stint on the board – he was first elected in 2010. Lyons said he is leaving the board effective Oct. 18 because he and his wife, Jackie Kinney, are moving to Spring Lake Village.

            Members interested in joining the board should send a letter of application including their resume and qualifications. The letter should provide the applicant’s physical Oakmont address and be emailed to the general manager, Kimberly Rowland. Her email address is

            The letters are due by Tuesday, Oct. 5.

            Directors expect to name Lyons’ successor on Oct. 18.

            Lyons was first on the board in 2010-2011, when his assignments included serving as treasurer. He was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2018 and then elected in 2019 to his current two-year term. His recent work includes serving as liaison to the committee overseeing the challenges of reopening facilities during the COVID pandemic.

            Before moving to Oakmont, Lyons’ career was spent in the electronics industry in Silicon Valley. OVA isn’t his first exposure to homeowner associations; he was elected to an HOA board in Sunnyvale in 1973. Over the years, he has served on the boards of five homeowner associations and was president of three of them.